July 6, 2021

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Apply for Business Funding


Indeed, business owners can get overwhelmed when they take out a loan for the first time. Applying for a loan is a big financial decision and it can affect future cash flow. In some cases, it can even bring emotional implications to the business owners.

However, there are best practices that will guide you throughout the process. It is best to have a business, do some research, and make an objective decision depending on your current financial decision. This will help you create the best decisions and minimize the emotional impact. Thus, here are some things to consider before deciding to apply for additional business funding:

Determine if a Loan is Necessary

Indeed, getting an Unsecured Business Loan must never be an impulsive decision. There are strategic and smart reasons why business owners apply for loans. They do this to cover capital gaps, get funding for expansion, increase inventory, acquire new equipment, or increase client orders. If your motive does not fall in any of the categories, then you should rethink about getting a loan. Decide if it is really helpful and necessary for your business.

Have a Good Credit

Apart from keeping track of your documents, see to it that you pay your bills on time. You have to meet a certain level of credit criteria. As such, it is important to have the best credit as much as possible. Avoid charge-offs, foreclosures, late payments, and bankruptcies. Banks and institutions like EasyFind SG have different credit requirements and having good credit is an important part of the process.

This also refers to applying for a loan one at a time. Lending companies would require credit reports that can affect your credit. Whenever you apply for too many loans, it can affect your chances of obtaining any financing.

As you submit a full loan application, the lender will hard pull your credit score. This is an action done to knock some points off your credit score. If you apply to one lending company only, then this is not a big deal. However, if you apply to several lenders and they knock a few points off your credit score, then this will add up.

As such, do not bring your odds down by applying for as many loans as possible. Begin by applying for the loan in the company that you have the best chance of securing the loan.

Ease of Process

Business owners must not have a difficult time securing funding; especially if you wish to address short-term capital gaps. Make sure to select funding solutions that will offer an easy and simple application process. Select one that will make it easy to get qualified. See to it that your business is operational and has the financial capability to meet the repayment obligations.

Organize your Documents

When applying for an unsecured business loan, it is a must to be transparent about your current financial state. The application process will be seamless if you spend some time to keep your accounting, financial, and tax records up-to-date. See to it that your business has a system in place to keep things organized. You can hire the services of an accountant too.

There are business owners who try to save money by deciding to handle their books and try self-financing. However, this will lead to ignoring the books in the end especially when everybody gets busy. A good accountant will help the business owner look at the books without getting emotional as they make tough decisions.

Find the Right Lender

You can approach many lenders for a small-business loan. If you approach the right one, it will increase your chance of the success of your business.

One lender type that you can approach is the large national financial institutions. For example, you can try to talk to your bank for a loan. Since you have established a relationship with the bank, they can help you lead a better direction if they cannot help you with the loan.

Apart from the banks, you can also approach the alternative lenders such as EasyFind SG. They can bridge the gap between community lenders and big banks with moderate requirements. Indeed, alternative lenders can help niche businesses secure their fast business loans. They can focus on their potential growth in comparison with the business owner’s credit scores.

Finally, you can also approach the credit unions and community lenders. They are the locally-owned lenders or banks with an interest in the economic growth of the area. This can be a good fit for locally-focused businesses.

Do Your Research

Indeed, navigating the process can be tricky and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are free support or resources that can help you along the way. You can ask help from the government to aid small businesses like yours. You can also ask help from the network of free business mentors to assist you in your concerns.

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