October 30, 2021

Singapore’s Fastest Growing Licensed Moneylender


Crawfort is a legal money lender in Singapore licensed with the ministry of law. Our company is well-reputed, trusted, and recognized in our country. Crawfort has led the way towards bringing the traditional model of money lending into the new era of technology to enable consumer finance. We use smart digital processes to streamline operations. We try to optimize resources to achieve greater efficiency. We are renowned for excellent customer service as customers are our primary focus. Sincerity, respect, and empathy are the main motives of our company and its corporate culture. We treat every customer with great respect and prefer building a partnership with them. We aspire to become a trusted brand that is known for its financial solutions for individuals with limited credit access. 

No doubt Singapore is an expensive city for living, it, sometimes, becomes challenging to manage all expenses without any other assistance. When these expenses are as significant as unexpected, you must be wondering why you should choose Crawfort. Well, the answer is, because we are committed to responsible legal lending and we tailor our plans following your needs. As one of Singapore’s most trusted licensed moneylenders, we have been able to disburse more than two-hundred-thousand loans since 2011. With the help of today’s technology, we have been able to digitize the entire process of the loan for your convenience. Right from the loan application to the credit scoring, everything can be done with a few swipes on any preferred device. EKYC and payments can also be done online. Visit Crawfort to avail of the offer that is best suited for you. Our main aim is to make the entire loan journey as convenient as possible for you. SAM/AXS machines can also make a loan repayment, and you do not have to rush to our office in the middle of your busy schedule. 

Crawfort’s utmost concern is the security of your confidential affairs. We use the best state of the art technology to encrypt our servers. We try to update you on the time of your convenience and your preferred medium. We respect your privacy and swear not to disclose your private information anywhere else. 

Since personal loans are unsecured loans, money lenders make it a point to check every borrower’s financial standing as well as financial integrity before approving a loan. Thus, there are a few important things you, as a borrower, must do to increase the chances of your loan getting approved. First of all, decide on the type of loan you want and check if you are eligible for it. Next, refer to the website of the Ministry of Law, Singapore, to check how much money you are allowed to borrow. Once you are clear on these finer details, start collecting all the documents you will need to apply for the loan successfully. These include:

  • Proof of income and employment
  • NRIC
  • Current credit score and past CPF statements
  • Residency proof
  • Tenancy agreement, employment letter, employment pass, and bank statements (for foreigners)

Moneylenders may not ask for all of these documents, but it’s best to keep everything ready. Moneylenders ask for these documents to evaluate your financial ability to pay back the loan. It is, thus, that in Singapore, loans are often approved based on an individual’s annual income and not their credit history. However, individuals with a poor credit history are often given special loan packages with special repayment terms.

Crawfort understands the difficulties that can come up while obtaining and repaying a loan. Thus, we never approve loans, which are more than what a customer requires. We follow a strict policy on ethical money lending. We have specialized loan professionals who seek and verify the information about the requirements of each customer and their objectives and financial situations. Be it payday loan or a monthly loan, it does not matter to us, as it is your requirement. We only approve of investments that suit the customer’s needs. Legality in such a business is of utmost importance for both the parties. Thus, we ensure strict compliance with Singapore’s Moneylender’s Act along with other relevant legal provisions. Individuals need to be well informed about the legality and finance. Thus, we encourage our customers to get independent legal and financial advice so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

More and more people are turning to Crawfort Pte. Ltd for their needs. They know that they can rely on this legal money lending establishment to help them in their time of need. The company prides itself on working side by side with their clients every step of the way to ensure that every loan solution meets the company’s high standard of excellence. The mission of the company is, “We listen. We lend.” Back from 2011, the company feels that by listening to their clients, they can genuinely help them with their lending needs. The mission of our company is to provide financial aid to those who need it.

 Singaporeans often use the financial services of banks or moneylenders. It is primarily due to this reason that there is no scarcity of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Currently, the island country has 154 licensed moneylenders who can lend you fast money.

Visit Crawfort to relieve yourself from a cash flow dilemma. Cash crush can happen due to any mishappening such as a medical emergency, sudden car trouble, or a surprise bill. We have a loan solution for any of your cash flow problems. Our dedication towards our clients has earned us a spot on the list of Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2019. Be it a personal loan, a payday loan, a business loan, or a bridging loan, we have it all ready and sorted out for you. Thus, do not think twice when you have a cash crush to turn towards Crawfort for help. Crawfort is Singapore’s top alternative personal loan lender. To-date, Crawfort has processed more than 200,000 loans to customers who do not qualify for traditional loans.

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