March 9, 2023

Same-Day Ecommerce Shipping In Singapore: Is It Possible?


As e-commerce in Singapore continues to rise in popularity, shoppers there have higher expectations for shipping speed and ease. Delivery from singapore to malaysia is a viable choice because it ensures clients receive their orders on the day they are placed. It is debatable, however, whether or not Singapore can actually provide same-day e-commerce shipment. Congestion, a lack of delivery choices, and exorbitant prices are just a few of the obstacles that prevent online retailers from offering same-day shipping. 

This article will investigate whether or if same-day e-commerce shipping is possible in Singapore, and if so, whether or not there are any practical obstacles to overcoming them. In addition, we’ll share advice for online retailers on how to speed up their shipping options for customers, whether that’s through same-day service or something else entirely. 

1. Challenges of Same-Day E-commerce Shipping in Singapore: 

Congestion on the city’s streets, a lack of delivery choices, and exorbitant prices are just a few of the obstacles to same-day e-commerce shipping in Singapore. Due to the high population density on such a tiny island, delivery drivers in Singapore may find it challenging to meet tight deadlines. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are a common delivery method for Singapore’s e-commerce companies, however not all of them provide same-day service. 

A further difficulty with same-day e-commerce shipping in Singapore is the high cost of delivery. The added expense of shipping may be offset by the time and effort saved by not having to wait for a shipment to arrive the next day. It may not be cost-effective for many online merchants to provide same-day shipping. 

2. Potential Solutions for Same-Day E-commerce Shipping in Singapore: 

Notwithstanding the difficulties, Singapore has a number of options for implementing same-day e-commerce shipping. A technological approach could be taken to streamline transport routes and cut down on waiting times. E-commerce companies, for instance, might utilise delivery management software to plan the most effective delivery routes for their drivers. 

Another alternative is to team up with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) that provide next-day shipping services. Certain Singaporean 3PLs, like Ninja Van and Qxpress, provide next-day delivery services to online retailers. By forming strategic alliances with these companies, online merchants may offer same-day shipping at no extra cost. 

In addition, several Singaporean e-commerce firms are exploring novel distribution channels like courier bicycles and delivery drones. E-commerce companies can benefit from these other strategies since they can be more efficient and less expensive than standard delivery techniques, allowing them to provide speedier shipping options to clients. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Same-Day E-commerce Shipping: 

There are numerous advantages for both consumers and online retailers when it comes to same-day delivery in Singapore. Customers are more likely to repurchase from a business that offers same-day shipment since it is more convenient for them. 

Offering same-day shipping is a great way for online stores to stand out from the crowd and win over new consumers. Customers are more likely to make a purchase and complete it if they believe their goods will arrive promptly. Offering same-day shipping is one way to enhance sales and decrease cart abandonment rates. 

Yet, there are a few limitations to same-day e-commerce shipment. For the reasons stated previously, not all online stores can afford to offer same-day delivery. Moreover, delivery personnel may feel rushed and vulnerable while dealing with the demands of same-day deliveries. 

3. Tips for E-commerce Businesses to Offer Faster Shipping Options: 

Online stores in Singapore that are unable to provide same-day shipment to customers nevertheless have other possibilities for providing quick delivery. Offering express delivery that gets packages to customers in one or two business days is one possibility. In many cases, express shipping is less expensive than same-day shipping while still meeting the needs of clients who want a quick and easy delivery alternative. 

Customers can avoid waiting for delivery by choosing to pick up their orders at a physical location. Customers who are either in a haste or desire to avoid shipping costs might benefit from this service. 


To sum up, same-day e-commerce shipping in Singapore is doable, but not without its obstacles. Same-day shipment presents unique difficulties for online retailers due to factors such as traffic congestion, a lack of delivery options, and high delivery costs. While these obstacles may seem insurmountable, there are ways to overcome them, such as through utilising technology to improve delivery routes, collaborating with 3PLs that provide same-day delivery choices, and investigating novel delivery techniques, such as drones or courier bicycles. 

Despite the fact that same-day shipping can be a costly and demanding task for e-commerce enterprises, it has various benefits, including enhancing the consumer experience, boosting customer loyalty, and decreasing cart abandonment rates. Offering expedited shipping or in-store pickup is another way for online retailers to cater to clients who need their orders quickly. 

More and more Singaporeans are turning to online shopping, therefore retailers there need to accommodate their customers with fast and easy shipping alternatives. As customer expectations rise, e-commerce companies must find ways to deliver orders the same day they are placed. Finally, e-commerce enterprises can stand out in a crowded marketplace by offering speedy and trustworthy shipping choices to their customers. 

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